If my vehicle was impounded what is the process to get it back?

For vehicle impound information please call 830-783-9038 seven days a week 9:00 am -5:00 pm. Impound fees are $230 within the first 24 hours (Impound storage $130 & Tow Fee is $100) plus a Daily fee of $20 per day after first 24 hours. A certified letter of abandonment will be sent after 4th day adding a $25 fee to the amount (Certified Letter will be sent to the address on the registration and the lien holder, if applicable) method of Payment: EXACT CASH, Cashier's Check, Money Order, (debit or Credit card with a 5% fee)

For the vehicle to be released from the impound the following 4 are required:

1.       Valid Driver's License,

2.       current Insurance Binder,

3.       Current vehicle registration,

4.       The registered owner MUST be Present in order to remove a vehicle from the impound yard Or a notarized letter from the registered owner authorizing a person to take custody of an impounded vehicle.  

If a vehicle cannot be driven out of the impound yard legally and/or safely, a tow service or a trailer/dolly, that can support the vehicle’s weight may be used. No chains/straps or ropes will be allowed.  

The City of Poteet is not responsible for items left in your vehicle.

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